Camp Twin Lakes had been operating its flagship campsite in Rutledge, Georgia for children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges for nearly twenty years when demand began exceeding capacity. With weekends during the school year and every week in the summer filled with camp programs, Camp Twin Lakes leaders wanted to expand current programs and establish new camps for underserved populations. They were considering adding another year-round campsite but were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to raise the estimated $20-30 million it would take to build a new camp from the ground up.

When an opportunity arose to renovate Camp Will-A-Way, a 54-acre state-owned camp situated on a scenic 260-acre lake at Fort Yargo State Park, CTL took action. CTL entered into a public-private partnership with the State of Georgia, obtained a long-term lease for the property, and determined how it could update the Will-A-Way campsite to meet CTL’s high standards. Coxe Curry & Associates came on board to develop a fundraising plan and to galvanize campaign leadership in support of this important project. We worked with the client to surpass its $5.3 million campaign goal.

By leveraging existing community resources, Camp Twin Lakes refurbished CTL-Will-A-Way for a fraction of the cost of building a new camp, allowing CTL to serve thousands more children with serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges each year. In addition to renovating and enhancing CTL-Will-A-Way, Camp Twin Lakes’ capital campaign also enabled the organization to make essential improvements at their campsite in Rutledge. CTL staff and volunteers acknowledge that working with Coxe Curry & Associates was essential to the project’s success.








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“Thanks to Coxe Curry’s valuable expertise, Camp Twin Lakes is proud to now be operating TWO year-round, medically supportive campsites and serving more than 9,000 campers a year!”
Eric M. Robbins
Executive Director